We provide routine pest control services for common household pest (termites, cockroaches, insects, etc.) via perimeter pest control at your premises. Application of a fair dose of all-around insecticide will be applied to any visible entrance (door or window frames), cracks/crevices and all along the sides of walls.

Depending on the surroundings of your vicinity, factors that make it more conducive for certain pest to thrive such as the location of your premises has to be considered. Commercial areas (i.e. food waste from restaurants that frequently flows through drains), premises with vast gardens and areas surrounded by thriving floral life would definitely need a more frequent pest control treatment as compared to a well developed housing area.

Our service team have been actively carrying out pest control services up to now, some of our clients in embassies or small societies have us come on-site as frequent as weekly or monthly visits.

We also carry out fogging for insect control should the need arises.