We have dedicated commercial machines dedicated for carpet and upholstery cleaning that have served us not long after we began operation that has resulted in decades load of clean carpets/upholstery and satisfied faces. 

Upholstery items that we wash include dining chairs or sofas.


If your carpet/upholstery isn't too big or a hassle to bring, customers can choose to walk in and deliver it for us to clean at our showroom located in Taman Melawati. We had customers bring in small carpets and baby chairs for us to wash.


Most of our regular customers have us collect their carpets or upholstery from their home from time to time. If your house is within the Klang Valley, we would be more than happy to collect yours for washing, otherwise, you can try to give us a call and we will try our best to make necessary arrangements to have our service team collect them for washing.  Our service team will come to your doorstep to roll up the carpets if you have them on the floor or move the upholstery into our delivery van before delivering it back to our showroom for cleaning. Once we are done cleaning them, we will make arrangements with you on a possible date to have it delivered back to you.


We have also done cleaning for large offices or premises. Some articles like fixed floor carpets or large sofas are impossible to move so we will bring our machines to your office instead and do the cleaning on site. Some of our customers have their office carpets cleaned as frequent as every 3 months .